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Equipment Donation

Omni can locate an institution of higher learning that would greatly benefit from a donation of your used laboratory instrument.  We can provide all of the tax deduction paperwork that you might require.  We can prepare and crate the instrument for shipping.  Omni can then install the instrument at the recipient’s location.  Your donation can include all, part, or none of the cost of relocation.  Contact us for help with acquiring or donating a laboratory instrument.

Inspection & Appraisal

Omni can assess the operational condition of your instrument and determine its value and if repair or upgrade will significantly increase the instrument’s appraised value.  Contact us for more information.


Omni provides on-site, remote, and depot repair services for analytical laboratory instruments including XRD and XRF.  We also provide repair services prior to an equipment donation or sale in order to increase the appraised value. Contact us for details.

Equipment Relocation

A major drawback to buying or selling a laboratory instrument is relocation.  Most instruments require internal and external preparation that is not intuitively obvious.  Omni technicians can properly secure all aspects of an instrument.  We will package specifically delicate items and even crate the unit for shipping.  We can arrange a shipping company that will best transport the equipment.  When the unit arrives, Omni technicians will expertly assemble, install, and put the instrument in working condition.  Contact us for more information.

Maintenance & Support

Most major manufacturers arrange their service prices and practices so as to encourage their users to purchase expensive annual service contracts.  Omni can provide multiple choices that allow you to maintain your instruments without long term or expensive commitments.  If you simply need timely access to technical information or on site scheduled periodic preventive maintenance service, we can help.  Contact us for more information.