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X-Ray Diffraction

Omni can offer a host of XRD instruments and attachments.  We can modify your XRD instrument so as to enable it to perform analyses which it was originally incapable.  Omni can design and create a simple or complex custom XRD instrument to suit your specific analytical requirements.  We can extend the useful life of your older instrument and increase its capability for far less than the price of a new machine.  Perhaps you wish to acquire an affordable used instrument or sell an existing machine.  Omni can locate the equipment that you want or find a buyer for your surplus instrument.  We can even offer a trade-in for your existing machine.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

X-Ray Fluorescence

WDXRF instruments are, on average, more mechanically complex, and the XRF tubes are considerably more expensive than XRD tubes. Wavelength Dispersive instruments use vacuum and a helium atmosphere in order to detect lighter elements. They include many feed throughs that require o-rings and seals that inevitably wear causing leaks and premature failure of expensive vacuum pumps. Most employ many position sensors that can fail and cause motion collisions with the many turrets, carousels, attenuators, filters, detectors, and other components. The flow proportional detectors require a very delicate and expensive ultra thin window that holds the P10 gas within from escaping into the vacuum chamber. WDXRF instruments come with a higher purchase price tag as well as much higher maintenance costs. Omni can help you keep your WD machine operating as well as advise you when selecting a replacement instrument new or used. Before you buy either, contact us and let us help you navigate the process.

EDXRF is a far less expensive spectrometer than the WD version. It is much smaller, lighter, and with far fewer moving parts. It can perform a spectrum acquisition far quicker than its WD cousin, and the annual maintenance cost is a small fraction of that of the WD. The drawback is its elemental range and resolution. Also, its concentration precision is not as high as the wavelength machine. However, if the lightest elements are not of interest and close element overlap is not a concern, then EDXRF could be the right instrument for you. Of course you won’t be able to detect concentrations down to 10ppm, but if your requirements are less stringent, then a tabletop inexpensive EDXRF machine is for you. Omni offers new EDXRF instruments as well as used. Contact us to discuss the options for your application.


TXWDwin controls your instrument while providing data acquisition with a real-time graphical display and a collection of analytical tools included. Search/Match allows you to interface with the ICDD JCPDS database to identify materials by building a Boolean logic tree that employs a search and match algorithm. WDXRFwin is Omni’s software application that performs all of the functions to control, acquire data, graphically display, and analyze wavelength dispersive fluorescence spectra. EDXRFwin is the energy dispersive version of the Omni family of XRFwin application software. It performs the same functions as WDXRFwin but also provides thin film analysis. Fundamental Parameters technique is available for both WDXRFwin and EDXRFwin.

Parts & Accessories

Omni carries most every part for your XRD and XRF instruments including high voltage cables, detectors, tubes, chillers, slits, collimators, windows, crystals, monochromators, and many more. We also manufacture replacement parts that are not available from any other source. Omni also supplies accessories such as sample cups, slides, and consumables. Let us know what parts you require.

X-Ray Tubes

Return your XRD instrument to service quickly with an Omni Scientific XRD tube. Omni provides only the highest quality factory warrantied XRD tubes. Omni can even convert your instrument to use more affordable and longer lasting tubes. Contact us to find out how.


Keep your X-Ray Instrument in safe operating order. Omni can address safety issues and repair or upgrade your instrument to like-new or better condition. Custom radiation enclosures to fit your analytical X-Ray equipment are available from Omni. Radiation survey meters from Omni allow you to test the safety status of your X-Ray machine anytime at your convenience.