Omni Scientific Instruments, Inc. began business in 1982 as Omni Computer, Inc. prior to the launch of the IBM PC.  Omni Computer offered CP/M based microcomputers and software for business applications.  Later that year Omni Computer became a Value Added Retailer for IBM’s new line of laboratory automation products. Omni Computer provided installation services for the IBM Series/1 mini computers and the electromechanical interface to the XRD and XRF instruments. Within two years IBM pulled out of the laboratory automation business.  Our exposure to the industry and customers led us to realize that there was a better and more affordable way to upgrade XRF and XRD instruments.  Soon we were designing and producing our own line of controllers and software.  Now that Omni Computer was involved exclusively in the analytical X-Ray business, we decided a name change was in order and Omni Instruments, Inc. was born.  Two years later Omni Instruments patented an electromechanical interface that allowed a user to upgrade an XRD or XRF instrument without disturbing the delicate optical alignment.

As our customer base grew, we were frequently asked if we carried tubes, cables, and other components. That led to alliances, dealerships, and distributorships for many other products manufactured by others. Then as now, we have only two criteria for the products that we sell:  They must be of the finest quality available, and they must be made by a company that unconditionally supports their products, either through Omni or factory direct.  Feedback from our customers resulted in our designing custom optics, mechanical, and electronic attachments and components.  As a result, we developed our XRFwin and TXRDwin software packages.

A decade later Omni Instruments, Inc. became Omni Scientific Instruments, Inc. to better reflect our increasing capabilities in design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.  SolidWorks 3D CAD and precision CNC machining arrived at the new Omni Scientific Instruments, Inc.  Today we provide a wide range of products for XRD and XRF instruments.  As always, our products derive their form and function via feedback from you, the user.

The philosophy upon which I founded Omni Computer over three decades ago is even more important today at Omni Scientific Instruments.  If you have a problem then contact us, and we will help you find an affordable solution.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Chris Deaton

Founder and CEO