Omni Scientific Instruments, Inc. represents a variety of manufacturers of high voltage cables and probes, and components and systems used in x-ray analysis. In addition to alliances, dealerships, and distributorships with a variety of manufacturers, we also have an extensive line of products manufactured in-house, and we can provide custom-manufactured components on demand.

The following table provides links to some of the many product lines available from Omni Scientific Instruments, Inc.




Software for controlling automation instrumentation, and performing acquisition and analysis of XRD and XRF data.

X-ray Tubes

XRD and XRF tubes are available for most brands of instrument.

High Voltage Cables and Probes

Both retrofit kits and new high voltage cable accessories used in x-ray analysis.are available.

X-ray Optics

New and refurbished monochromators, crystals, and other x-ray optics components are available.


The Auto-MateTM instrument controllers is available for a automating old and new XRD and XRF instrumentation.

X-ray Tube Towers

Both retrofit kits and new x-ray tube tower assemblies are available.


Both water/water and air/water closed cooling systems are available.

X-ray Generators

Retrofit and new x-ray generators are available for both XRD and XRF instrumentation.

X-ray Detectors

Detectors and complete detector electronics are available for scintillator and proportional detector systems.



Radiation Enclosures

Custom radiation enclosures are available featuring a vibration-dampened optical-style XRD table.

Circle Attachments

Precision motorized independent goniometer circle attachments are available.

Refurbished Equipment

A variety of remanufactured and refurbished analytical x-ray systems are available.

Equipment Donations

We will facilitate the donation of instrumentation to non-profit institutions.


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